Hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ interview the biggest names in sports media and pop culture each week on Football Nation's The Sports-Casters podcast.

Their guest this week is Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated. Trotter is a senior writer at Sports Illustrated and covers the National Football League from California. 

Trotter talks about the effect that the 49ers and Patriots games will have on each team. Trotter thinks that the result will be positive for the 49ers, but not that significant for the Patriots.  

He also talks about the NFC's race towards the Super Bowl. Trotter picked the 49ers to make the Super Bowl before the season and is going to stick with his pick.

"With Colin, the offense is more vertical and they feel that its more dynamic because he will take more chances down the field" said Trotter.

Trotter also talks about the progression of the Denver Broncos and doesn't think that anyone can beat them at Mile High Stadium in the playoffs. 

Trotter also says:

  • The Seahawks are a serious threat in the NFC
  • Adrian Peterson is a freak
  • The Falcons regular season is irrelevant, all that matters is the playoffs
  • The Texans have lost key players on defense 
  • 49ers vs. Broncos in the Super Bowl 

Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the upcoming 16th week of NFL action, the wonder of Adrian Peterson, and Don tries to guess the top selling player jerseys. Steve and Don close the show with a listener email about the race for rookie of the year and One Last Thing. 

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