After getting embarrassed in the AFC Championship, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have a lot of work to do this offseason.

While their are plenty of pressing needs to address, is any more important than the need to improve their receiving core?

Assuming Rob Gronkowkski can make a swift and successful recovery, the Patriots still need to find their No.1 receiver. Julian Edelman surely isn't the answer, and neither is Danny Amendola.

There's plenty of great prospects entering the draft this year who could potentially fill that void, but i'm not too sure Belechick is looking to take on another project at this stage. The Patriots are ready to win now, so adding an experienced veteran could bode well for this team as soon as next year.

But what veteran would it be? Who could step in and take on the role of a No.1 receiver for one of the leagues biggest powerhouses?

His name is Hakeem Nicks, and Bill Belichick is all too familiar with him. The huge-handed wideout was a key to the Giants vicotry over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI as he had over 100 yards on 10 receptions. 

Hakeem Nicks Super Bowl Week

Belichick likes his receivers small, but he can't deny the threat a tall receiver can bring. Patriot legends like Wes Welker, Troy Brown and Deion Branch are all well under 5'11" but a change must be made. 

Hakeem Nicks looms at 6'1" weighing upwards of 210 lbs. He's a pretty quick for his size, but most importantly he can make the tough catches. With Tom Brady throwing him the ball, and not the recently erratic Eli Manning, the catches should be a lot less tougher.

Considering Nicks had a hard time finding the end-zone this year, he should come relatively cheap. That way, the Patriots would still be able to tend to their secondary and running back situation, while still potentially fixing their receiving core.

If Belichick wants to help open up the field for Brady, adding a huge threat like Nicks would be a wise option.

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