After seeing the college football landscape this week - the fact that both Alabama and Oregon were taking the week off and Florida State and Miami was the marquee matchup of the week, there was a lot to be said for style points. The Seminoles seemed a bit unbalanced in the first half. FSU is not used to a team trying to match them series for series. As the game settled down, Jameis Winston and the running game, most importantly Devonta Freeman, beat Miami in Tallahassee 41-14 in front of more than 84,000 at The Doak.

Despite the fact Winston appeared to be “human” on the night (two interceptions) he was still able to throw for over 300 yards against a talented ‘Canes defense.

Now, the Seminoles must wait for next week to see what happens with Oregon - who has a date with Stanford. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly from this game.

The Good

Winston is pretty good when he still gets rattled

Even when he is “mortal” Jameis Winston’s “mortality” is much better than almost every passer in the NCAA. It was a tough first half to watch, but The Seminoles’ defense stepped up in the second half to show it is still one of the best teams in the country.

Davonta Freeman had one of the best games of his career, with two touchdowns on the ground and one on the receiving end of a Winston pass. Florida State was 11 of 13 on third down conversions midway through the fourth quarter.

The Bad

FSU doubled Miami in total yards. It was a major win for the team. This was the game that proved Miami is a good team and one that will be a contender in the future, but the high ranking was a product of the SEC beating each other up. Miami needed to control the offensive line, limit big plays and score on every series. They could not do that.

Duke Johnson had 97 yards rushing and Stephen Morris had two touchdown to Allen Hurns, but he did have two interceptions. Morris threw for 158 yards on the night compared to Winston tossing in 325 yards.

The Ugly

You never want to see a player get injured, especially when it is a star player with so much potential. Duke Johnson went down in the fourth and was carted off the field. The Hurricanes need him for the remainder of the season. Even with the loss, they could still play in the ACC title game. It has initially said it was an ankle sprain, but there is no confirmation of that yet.

Also, was the win enough to sway voters? I have never been so consumed with numbers and rankings and scores as I am now with the Noles. This is a team that needs other teams to lose or win by the skin of their teeth. College football should not be like this. It’s unfortunate because this may be the best chance to win a title with this team. Alabama plays LSU next week and Oregon faces The Cardinal. Both teams could lose, win or split. FSU has beaten the third and seventh ranked teams in the country. Alabama - if it wins - will have beaten Texas A&M  and LSU. Stanford would have beaten Washington, UCLA and Stanford.

Too much confusion - but excitement in the coming week.