I've heard the Big 10 fans: "They cheat in the SEC"; "We can't compete like that"; "God, it's cold up here!"  What do I say about that?  Nothing.  Because I'm an SEC fan and I'm about to cheat so I'm not in the stone throwing mood.

It is hard to avoid though because the games gave us a lot of insight about good AND bad.  That's why I'm about to name this particular tune with just three games!

Winner AND loser one:  You hear the one about the guy on here that picked Florida to lose in Knoxville?  Yeah, what a dolt.

Florida just did what they have done for years.  They get your number and well, they keep it.  Ask Georgia about that.  Tyler Bray looked rattled, the Tennessee D backs look out of place most of the night, and Tennessee once again showed that they can't put together four solid quarters against a good opponent.      

Winner AND loser two:  That motorcycle wreck in the Ozarks really stings after a few months.  Alabama (and Stanford) showed that they are a cut above the rest in the college football ranks.  With USC going down to the tree, LSU looks to be the other team that can stay on the field with them.  Let Saturday be notice that Arkansas' loss to Louisiana Monroe the week before wasn't because of looking ahead. 

Winner AND loser three (and four): Speaking of, lightening almost struck twice.  It took Auburn overtime to beat a scrappy ULM team.  Giving them their first win of the season.  That's the good.  The Tigers take that winning streak right back to that same stadium next week when they welcome LSU.  That's not as good.