If I were a betting man it would be a safe bet to assume that Auburn will be unable to replicate last year’s miracle season, which saw them come within seconds of being crowned the nation’s best. Even better odds on a team likely to regress in 2014 must be placed upon the Texas A&M Aggies. Offensive superstar talent in the form of Johnny football, Jake Matthews and Mike Evans have declared their intensions to turn pro and the defensive at best remains woeful. Nothing short of a coaching miracle will help this lone star state team finish with a plus 500 record.

Offensively the Aggies lack a superstar. Whiz Kid Manziel declaring for the draft has left the Aggies with a quarterback dilemma. The dilemma; who is the starting quarterback going to be come opening day? Sophomore Kenny Hill is considered the most likely to win the job, but has yet to prove himself at the collegiate level, having only 183 career passing yards to his name. Freshman Kyle Allen is lurking in the wings if Hill fails to get the job done.  No disrespect to either but they lack the talent to dominate and single handily dictate games in the way Manziel did.  

The Aggies are also looking to find a replacement for one of the nation’s best wide receivers in Mike Evans.  Evans was tall, fast and had the ability to tear defences apart.  Evans led the Aggies receivers by a mile as he caught 69 catches for 1394 yards (a staggering average of 20.2 yards per catch) and 12 touchdowns.  This sort of freakish talent is impossible to replace, leaving the Aggies without a dominant receiver who can stretch the field.

Defensively the Aggies remain woeful, having given up more than 30 points per game in 2013. Things were even worse against fellow teams from the SEC, during those eight games the Aggies defence gave up on average 499 yards and 36 points.  The problem for the Aggies in 2014 is that they lack offensive firepower capable of winning a shootout. The result could very well see the Aggies on the receiving end of some one sided beat downs.  

Despite the negativity portrayed towards the team from College Station there is room for optimism. The offensive line returns four of its five starters, the significance of this cannot be understated, especially with an inexperienced quarterback at the helm.

The Aggies also bagged themselves one of the top recruitment classes. As a result 2014 will merely be a blip on the A&M radar which is set out for long term success.