As I predicted, the Rams did beat the Seahawks. It was a tough game, but the Rams were able to pull through and win 19-13.

It was a close game that couldn't have got much closer. Many of the points scored were from field goals by the rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein. Zuerlein had four field goals including a 60-yard field goal. If you haven't learned how to spell "Zuerlein" yet, you should because we'll be hearing a lot from him throughout his career!

The Rams did have six penalties during the game, but the good news is that they weren't too costly. The Rams only had 37 penalty yards. The Seahawks had five penalties which cost them a total of 55 yards. The Seahawks also had three turnovers, which made things even worse for them.

Danny Amendola did have a touchdown, but it wasn't off of a punt return. It was the only touchdown of the game for the Rams, but fortunately it was enough to get them the win. The Rams were also able to stop quarterback Russell Wilson, intercepting him three times. They weren't able to stop Marshawn Lynch however, who had 118 yards and 20 carries.

Next week the Rams move on to play the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. The good news is that the game will be a home game again. The other good news is that the game is on Thursday so the Cardinals, who won in overtime will be worn out. I will stick with my prediction that the Rams will win and hope to be right again.