Chris LongIt's not the same NFC West anymore. The teams are improving and getting tougher.

This week will feature an NFC West matchup between the Rams and Seahawks at the Edward Jones Dome.

The last few meetings were quite exciting and this one is guaranteed to have fans on the edge of their seats as well.

Below is a list of three bold predictions from one bold Rams fan.

Will the big stars show up? Can the away team pull out a road victory? Will a rookie be the standout player?


The Rams are 1-2 this season and are not favored to win the game.

The Rams haven't beaten the Seahawks in a few years so they clearly are the underdog. However, I'm going to be bold and stick with my prediction that the Rams are going to win.

I'm not just saying it because I'm a Rams fan or because I hate the Seahawks. The Rams really are the better team and do have some great talent. The Seahawks did win last week, but it was a much disputed win.

2. The Rams will get at least two touchdowns

The Rams aren't going to win the game unless they score at least a touchdown or two. The Rams weren't able to score a touchdown last week, so this week they'll be looking for redemption.

Since the defense is better than the offense right now it's going to be the defense that scores a big touchdown. I will be bold enough to predict that Michael Brockers will be back and the Rams will have a great defensive game. Brockers will stand out in his rookie debut with the Rams.

3. Chris Long and Danny Amendola will show up big time

Chris Long is one of my favorite Rams and a big star on the defense. Long will have at least three sacks during the game. He'll also have at least four tackles before the game is over.

Danny Amendola is the best wide receiver on the team at the time. Amendola will have another great game and will have at least one touchdown. One touchdown will be off a punt return.

Will my predictions come true? Was I too bold? You'll have to watch the game to find out! More bold Rams predictions to come in future weeks.