The Seattle Seahawks are in prime position to take part in their second Super Bowl, at the time of writing at least. For a team that many are calling the best in football in the current season given their exploits in a campaign that has seen them compile a record of 13-3, one would think resolutions were obsolete and unnecessary, but things can always get better!


Get Percy Harvin fit


Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll didn’t bring wide out Percy Harvin in on a multi-million dollar contract to warm the bench. Harvin is a game changer when he’s fit, but it seems that getting him to match fitness and keeping him that way requires in itself a game changer. If Seattle can work on the former Minnesota Vikings’ injury woes in the offseason, then Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s front cover smile may just make Time magazine. 

 Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin's involvement on the Seahawks offense has been short-lived thus far.


Improve the offensive line


It has been well documented throughout the season that the Seahawks offensive line has struggled to a significant degree. Like the taste of a fine wine, a quarterback requires time to improve, and in a football sense find receivers down field; something Russell Wilson was starved of in several fixtures. Seattle has a pro-bowl Center in Max Unger, building around him to create a cordon of protection worthy of a team as complete as the Seahawks will be of vital importance to the coaching staff going into the offseason.


Search the beach, more gems needed!


It’s no secret that Pete Carroll’s ability to build such a talent-rich depth-chart has come through the avenues of smaller contracts for players who have either A) recently broken out as stars – Enter defensive back Byron Maxwell or B) been drafted in later rounds and thus warranted a lower pay-grade. Take my second point for example; quarterback Russell Wilson is on a fraction of the contracts of his fellow NFL gun slingers (I won’t mention Joe Flacco’s contract..does this count as mentioning it?) This won’t last forever, and standout players will eventually hit contract years, crushing Carroll’s ability to wriggle about in the old salary cap.

One of the many aspects of a great team however is discovering gems and making them part of your franchise. If the Seahawks can find the latest batch of superstars in the 2014 draft, while simultaneously holding onto the majority of their current crop, then expect another strong year for the 2013 NFC West champs.


A notable mention would be ensuring the team has ample polish available to clean those Super Bowl rings come March, but who wants one championship when you can have two by 2015? *Dreams Pete Carroll*