In the begining of the history of the Seattle Seahawks, the franchise had a loud fanbase at the Kingdome but an identity was always missing. The team had a lot of great players on that team; players like Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg, Warren Moon, and John Randle, but was always missing key ingredients in building a Super Bowl contender.

After they moved from the Kingdome to Centurylink Field in 2002, the Seahawks were making progress in being consistent winners. They had great men like Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander as well as a good head coach in Mike Holmgren, but they were humiliated by the Steelers in Super Bowl XL and in Ford Field for that game there were many spectators waving terrible towels as there were complaints by the Seahawks that the refs overlooked Ben Rothisberger not having the ball across the goal line for the first touchdown.

But seven years after their last Super Bowl appearence, the Seahawks may have the best team ever as well as the toughest team to beat in the NFL.

At quarterback, Russell Wilson has many things that would drive defenses crazy: A great arm and fast feet. When Wilson played in his first season last year, musch of the buzz was on fellow rookies Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. Those two are going through rough second years while Wilson has thrived. And he has what RGIII and Luck would have, plenty of fire power. 

There are a lot of reliable weapons for Wilson to choose from. Derrick Coleman and Michael Robinson at Full back. Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin at Wide Receiver. But the biggest Weapon of all is running back Marshawn Lynch. Since being traded from the Buffalo Bills, Lynch has lighted up both the scoreboard and the field. Last night, his team beat the same team he humiliated in that AFC Wild Card playoff where he got past as many as eight Saint tacklers to help the Seahawks advance to the next round three seasons ago.

The Seahawk defense is tough too. They've gotten good at rushing the opposing quarterbacks like Drew Brees last night and making his night tough at attempting completed passes.

The Seahawks are now 11-1. But they're the most dangerous at home. In every home game, they play to a crowd that has gotten louder than at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Seahawk home crowd, nicknamed 'the 12th man," broke the Guiness book of record for the loudest crowd in a stadium. And that record belonged to the Chiefs fans.

The Chiefs have always had loud fans but they haven't had a complete team to go all the way to the Super Bowl and those past Chief teams may not be as tough to beat in a home stadium as this year's Seahawks. Now the Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers, and 49ers are the other contenders that are starting to get ready for a playoff run but if they want to get those coveted tickets to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, the road may very well go through Seattle and "the 12th man".