The Seattle Seahawks dream season has now come to an end with a 30-28 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. The Seahawks gave it their all after falling behind at halftime 20-0 due to some questionable play calling by head coach Pete Carroll and a fumble by running back Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch could not have picked a worse time to fumble with the Seahawks already trailing 3-0. Lynch turned the ball over on the Falcons 39 yard line that turned into a costly touchdown drive by the Falcons to put the Dirty Birds up 10-0.

After 2 punts and a fumble on their first two drives the Seahawks were driving deep into Falcons territory only to walk away with zero points after Carroll decided to run the ball with fullback Michael Robinson on fourth and one.

Electing not to take the field goal proved to be a huge mistake four plays later when Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan hooked up with receiver Roddy White on a 47 yard touchdown strike that would make the score 20-0.

The very next drive ended just as bad with Wilson taking a sack at the Falcons 20 yard line which allowed the time to run off the clock sending the Seahawks to the locker room failing again to put points on the board.

For the first time all season, the Seahawks were playing like the second youngest team in the league and without any energy left over from their gruesome travel schedule at the end of the season.

This would prove to be a game of two halves. Instead of pointing fingers and rolling over like a lot of teams that are down 20-0 at halftime would do; the Seahawks did the exact opposite.

Wilson brought his offense out and took care of business as he drove the Seahawks 78 yards to get the Seahawks on the board 20-7 when he found receiver Golden Tate for the 29 yard touchdown.

After nearly a ten minute drive by the Falcons; Wilson found himself down 27-7 with a quarter left.

Wilson exhausted after an MVP performance

The fourth quarter is where Wilson showed why he should be rookie of the year leading the Seahawks on 3 scoring drives for a 28-27 lead.

The 31 seconds that Wilson left on the clock would eventually hurt him due to questionable play calling on the defense.

Carroll proved once again that running a prevent defense only prevented his team from winning; and that icing kickers is not a good idea.

Falcons head coach Mike Smith and kicker Matt Bryant should send Carroll a thank you card for the second chance he gave Bryant to win the game 30-28.

There is no reason for any of the Seahawks players to hang their heads ending the season with a 12-6 record behind the play of an underrated rookie quarterback and a troubled running back.