Terrell OwensSome things never change.

It is already looking to be the same old story for Terrell Owens in Seattle.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Owens "still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things don't go his way."

Laughable, man.

Owens essentially begged any NFL team to take a chance. Seattle was one of the worst places he could have landed.

Head coach Pete Carroll is doing great things with the Seahawks, but he isn't a proven, Super Bowl-winning coach who can demand immediate respect from Owens. 

The behavior of Owens is nothing new. It isn't Carroll's fault Owens continues to act like a numb-skull. Owens is, at best, a 3rd or 4th receiver for the Seahawks, but he is likely in the 5th to 6th spot at this point.

After he dropped a perfectly thrown 46-yard pass from quarterback Matt Flynn his stock certainly dropped. That stock is plummeting now that he is reportedly complaining.

It doesn't matter what Owens is complaining about, he should be cut if he complains about the weather. Owens was targeted five times by Flynn in their preseason game against the Denver Broncos. 

A couple of the incompletions were likely due to Owens' limited time with team, but dropping a touchdown pass is unacceptable, especially from a veteran. 

Rookies get nervous and are given free passes. Veterans don't get a pass in the end zone. Ever.

A locker room cancer like Owens desperately needs to prove he can keep his mouth shut at all costs. Duct tape, Pulp Fiction gag ball, anything.

The Seahawks clearly made an error bringing in the 38-year-old Owens, and he is proving that more every day. The success of Owens is contingent on him keeping quiet and making plays, neither of which he is doing in Seattle. 

Carroll is a smart guy. He needs to protect his quarterbacks and the rest of the team from Owens' distracting presence. Don't let him make the team. Cut him. Now.