Making the switch from Reebok to Nike, the NFL released all 32 teams’ new Nike uniforms on Tuesday. Nike, who became famous for the eccentric uniforms they produced for the Oregon Ducks every game, only made major changes to the Seattle Seahawks jersey.

Nike premiered their new uniforms in a football-themed fashion show at a film studio in Brooklyn. The models wore NFL gear from their shoes to their shoulder pads and towards the end of the show, even put on helmets according to ESPN.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the goal of the redesign was to combine "tradition with innovation."

Seattle, a team that lacks the tradition the Green Bay and Cleveland uniforms have, saw the revamping an opportunity to rebrand the franchise. The Seahawks added some neon green trim down the sides of the pants and numbers.

Although Nike did not make any significant changes to the style in the uniforms, besides Seattle’s, the company did make major adjustments in the fabric and technology. Nike installed a special type of fabric that will keep the jersey tight, water-resistant and breathable.

The players should certainly appreciate the upgrades in the technology aspects of the new jerseys.