Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson Will Fail In 2013

By John Garner
March 27, 2013 9:02 am
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Wilson It always troubles me when a player or team gets over-hyped and then does not live up to expectations.

I particularly feel bad for the team's fans that this phenomenon happens to, as It has unfortunately happened to my Eagles many, many times over the last decade.

Every player in the NFL is supposed to be the next great thing...until they aren't. 

Right now Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are starting to get some of that ridiculous over-hype, and it usually does not end well.

There are of course some valid reasons to like Russel and the Seahawks right now. They have one of the biggest and best defenses in the entire NFL, and they run the ball more then any team in the league as well. These are two things that I love about the Seahawks, but they also highlight why Russell Wilson is being overrated.

The Seahawks did not win 11 games in 2012 because Russell Wilson was a Pro Bowl quarterback (he only made it after Matt Ryan pulled out with an injury), they won 11 games with their strong defense, run game, and home-field advantage. 

When you look at their 11-5 record they had an amazing 8-0 record at home but a very poor 3-5 road record. This means that the Seahawks, and Russel Wilson himself are propped up by the loud acoustics of their home stadium, and when faced with adversity on the road, they are not even a .500 team.

I can understand rating the Seahawks in say the top 5 or so in the NFL, but rating them No. 1 (as they were on just last week) over a team that just won the Super Bowl is laughable at best. The Ravens and Giants are two teams that have been underrated for years but both have actual recent Super Bowl wins and are championship caliber teams. 

I do not know how someone could rate the Seahawks, who have zero Super Bowls ahead of both the Ravens and Giants, but it just adds to the nonsensical over-hype now occurring.

Now, many pointing to that No. 1 rating will claim that the addition of Percy Harvin will "open things up" for Russel Wilson and the Seahawks. The problem is Percy Harvin is a small injury-prone player himself and there is no guarantee he will stay healthy long-term. 

Furthermore, it may take he and Russell and entire year just to get their chemistry down. To assume that just because they signed the guy that Russell's numbers will go through the roof this year is again, laughable at best. It certainly COULD happen, but reality says IT PROBABLY WONT HAPPEN LIKE THAT.

As for Russel himself he is an undersized scrambling 3rd round pick, and they do not usually accomplish much in the NFL. In fact the only other starting QB in the league who is a 3rd round pick is Matt Schaub. 

The same Matt Schaub that needed a couple of guys to pull out of the Pro Bowl with injuries just to get invited. Matt Schaub is a decent QB, but he hasn't won a Superbowl while 1st rounders Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Joe Flacco all have in recent years.

Furthermore the team the media usually dubs "No. 1" almost NEVER actually goes on to win the Super Bowl, it is usually a strong but underrated team such as the Giants, Ravens, or Saints before they gained their notoriety.

For that reason I can say with close to 100 percent accuracy that the Seahawks will NOT finish the year with a Super Bowl win as the "No. 1" team in the NFL.  And on top of it, Russell Wilson will probably NOT be a top 5 fantasy or even "real-time" QB.


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By John Garner
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