It was fourth and last chance, throw it up, and pray. I had all but turned the television off, exasperated at another chance for Seattle to make a statement on a national stage.

I watched helplessly as Russell Wilson scrambled right, perform the five d's of dodge ball, dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge, and throw a bomb to the back left corner of the end zone.

Who would have known that what would ensue in the next 30 seconds would spark a nation wide outrage.

Wilson's pass was caught by Golden Tate or was it M.D Jennings and as they fell to the ground so did my mouth. Two replacement refs ran to the spot of the catch, looked at each other and signaled two different calls. And before you could say "we're sleepless in Seattle!" controversy was born.

This Monday night game shut the door on Week 3, a week where we saw Bill Belichick run after and touch a referee after a questionable game winning field goal. I've never seen Mr. Belichick run, ever. 

John Fox and Jack Del Rio each received fines for their actions this week.

John Harbaugh could be seen screaming at referees asking for an explanation.

Kevin Olgtree slipped on a touchdown route. What’s the importance? His foot gave way because a refs' hat was in the field of play.

This list goes on and its quite comical, but the point is when is this enough? The foundation of the game is being tarnished and when outcomes, playoff potentials and millions dollars are being swayed on incompetent people then their is a problem. 

It’s not the replacements faults, they were put into a situation with zero chance of succeeding.

Week 1, the Seahawks were given four timeouts in the second half. Week 3, the Seahawks were given a miracle. You and I can't predict what is going to happen in the next few weeks, but with calls like the one on Monday night it's a little scary.