Golden Tate The offseason acquisition of Percy Harvin seemed to put the Seattle Seahawks ahead of other teams in the league in terms of offensive potential. But a season-ending hip injury to Harvin put those plans on hold. Enter Golden Tate.

At age 25, the 5-10, fourth-year wide receiver looks to be taking the opportunity to make some noise in the Seattle lineup. 

Through three seasons the Seahawks have seen Tate’s stats continue to increase. 

2010: 21 receptions/227 yards/0 TDs                                                                                                       

2011: 35 receptions/382 yards/3 TDs                                                                                                        

2012: 45 receptions/688 yards/7 TDs

Entering a contract year, many people within the Seahawks' organization believe that this will be Tate’s breakout season. Said to be the most impressive player in camp by coach Pete Carroll, Tate is getting compliments from both coaches and fellow players. 

“Golden is unbelievable when the ball is in the air," said fellow wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Quarterback Russell Wilson stated that, “He’s very quick, just how he moves and makes people miss. Golden is a very important player.” 

Not only is Tate looking to be a major contributor on the offensive side of the ball, he is also said to be one of the favorites to take over punt returning responsibilities. Throughout Tate’s professional career he has tried to rely solely on his athleticism to beat his opponents.

He’s found out that you have to have more than athleticism to be consistently successful in the NFL. Seattle coaches have said that Tate has been one of the most accurate route runners in camp and has been one of the most dependable targets for them so far.

On top of all of that Tate may have even more of an opportunity to shine depending on how Sidney Rice’s knee issues unfold. Rice missed a few days of camp as he took an overseas trip to Switzerland to have a plasma procedure done on his knee. 

While Rice and the coaches have stressed that there is no issue with the knee, everyone will be more comfortable once they see how Rice’s knee reacts in an actual game. Tate on the other hand is healthy and ready to take the next step forward, possibly in the upper tier of wide receivers in the league. 

For fantasy players who are looking for a wide receiver in the middle of their draft who is going to get plenty of action, consider Tate. At the least he is going to put up the same type of numbers as last year and most likely he’s going to best all of those numbers and take it to another level.