The Seattle Seahawks are a run, run, pass team. That's been the philosophy since Pete Carroll got to Seattle. Last year, it was more apparent, with Tarvaris Jackson as the quarterback.

Jackson, obviously isn't an elite quarterback, and it's probably stretching calling him a good quarterback. So, Seattle had to pound the ball with Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch.

And, towards the end of last year, it worked really well. The turning point was the Dallas Cowboys game. Tom Cable came back and was able to establish an attitude of smash mouth football. Down the stretch, Seattle found their identity and really hit their stride. 

Then we get to the offseason, Matt Flynn gets signed, an upgrade at quarterback, and just the thing Seattle needs in order to get back to winning the division and getting back to the playoffs. The draft rolls around, Seattle gets a fabulous prospect in Russell Wilson, a quarterback, that I was personally very high on before the draft and combine and all that. So, they sign a quarterback and quite possibly draft a quarterback for the future.

Fast forward to training camp and there is a quarterback competition. For those people who thought that it was a formality that Flynn was going to get the job, they don't know Pete Carroll.

It turns out, Russell Wilson wins the job. Risky decision, but competition is very important to Pete Carroll's philosophy, and he does unconventional things not done by the book. All that is fine, Russell Wilson won the job, he earned it. Russell Wilson doesn't have to go out and win games, he just has to not make mistakes and give the ball to Lynch.

Now, opening day rolls around versus the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle doesn't know who they are. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell seemed to forget why they were successful down the stretch last year. They pounded the ball with Lynch, to establish a run game, and every once in awhile take a shot down the field. Against the Cardinals, Seattle didn't know who they were, they forgot who they were. Bevell had philosophy of making Wilson win the game rather than being a secondary character.

It's almost as if Darrell Bevell got really excited about his new toy at quarterback. All of a sudden, Seattle was going to sling the ball and win with the passing game. As a result, that didn't work and Seattle lost a gut wrenching, heartbreaking, hard-fought game against the Arizona Cardinals...again.

If Seattle is going to threaten for a division title, they better figure out their identity and fast. Russell Wilson is a talented quarterback, he can make plays, but right now he's too green.

You have to establish a rookie quarterback friendly game plan. Take note of what the Washington Redskins did with Robert Griffin III. Washington's game plan was to pound the ball, make easy passes in the flat, and every once in a while, take a shot deep to change things up.

That's what I thought Seattle would do. I didn't think they'd lose their identity. They have a bad offensive line against the pass, rush blocking is okay, and plus, you have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. They need to remember where they came from and what they need to do in order to win ball games.