turbin Two teams going in different directions will meet this Sunday in New York. This is a game that exemplifies two conflicting ideoligies. The Giants  have just tried to get by the last two years and have had some really terrible drafts.

They have been conservative, even by Giant standards. You can see what that got them. The Hawks have been progressive, taking risks and innovative.

Their last three drafts have been great. They have been aggressive in free agency.

Risk equals reward. The Seahawks are reaping those rewards.

1. Expect a big day from Robert Turbin and other backups.

The Seahawks win two of their last four and they get home field throughout the playoffs. I think they will save Beast Mode for the playoffs. He has proven to be tough, but a rested Lynch is the horse they need in January. You definitely won't see Harvin and I wouldn't be suprised to see Wilson get pulled as soon as the game is in hand.

2. The Giants might not score a touchdown.

Maybe a couple of field goals. I know Seattle is not as good away from home, but they are way better than the Chargers -- who crushed the Giants last week. The New York offense is spiraling down the drain and Seattle will jiggle the handle as they disappear from view.

3. Eli will throw a pick six. 

Count on it. Seattle will bring the pain all day long and Eli is a mess. This will not end well for him or the Giants. They are going to get smashed in the mouth on a day when pride will not be enough. And, pride is all they have. Seahawks 44, Giants 6.