After a disappointing 7-9 record last season, the Seattle Seahawks will not only be more exciting to watch, they will also win a couple more games in 2012.

Poor play out of the quarterback position left this team and their fans frustrated. So Seattle went out and picked up free agent Matt Flynn from the Packers.

Because Flynn has little to no experience, they also drafted one of the most athletic guys that will play quarterback in Russell Wilson. 

Flynn will earn the starting spot in 2012, but look out for Wilson.  Even as a rookie, Pete Carol may look at him to mix things up, as Russell is an excellent passer on the run.

Regardless what others say, I have watched Matt Flynn in training camps and this guy is solid, he’s competitive, and a proven winner while at LSU.

There’s a little background information, now let’s delve into specifics and in this instance the most overrated and underrated players on Seattle’s roster.  I’ve been wrong before, so suggestions and input are encouraged.

Most Overrated

WR Sidney Rice - It’s tough to be critical of the wide receiver position on last year's team, because the passing game was rather anemic. I’ve observed Rice closely, while he was in Minnesota, and he needs a good quarterback to excel, when quite frankly, he shouldn’t. 

This guy is 6’4”, has long arms, and should be able to manage just fine on his own - but he can’t. He was god for just 34 receptions last season with two touchdowns and for your “leading receiver” this is simply not going to cut it.

He must be more involved and has the capability of huge things, if his effort and drive to compete are present.  Sydney will have substantially higher numbers this year in my opinion.


Most Underrated

CB Marcus Trufant -  He gets the nod not because of his play last year, but because of his commitment to football, and more importantly the Seattle Seahawks organization. 

I understand Trufant is 31, and plays a youth dominated position, but he’s still got something in his tank. Trufant was released earlier in the year by Seattle, but re-signed with his home team, while taking a big pay cut in the process. To me this shows that he not only wants to compete and perform, he wants to be in Seattle doing it.

Look for Trufant to surpass his totals of 23 tackles and one interception in 2011 by at least two fold. He is inspired, dedicated and will be a difference-maker for this ball club.

Seattle -- be excited, be very excited.  Your football team is looking much more exciting and more competitive in the upcoming season. The Seahawks will compete for the division title in 2012!