1. Seattle leads the NFC West

The NFC West was one of the closest division in the NFL prior to the Seahawks' win over the Cardinals, giving them a game and a half lead over the second place San Francisco 49ers. With four winable games before a week 12 bye that could potentially sit them at 10-1, it's hard to see Jim Harbaugh's crew catch-up anytime soon.

2. Russell Wilson is NOT over-hyped

The way Wilson moves around and makes throws downfield as well as plays with his feet are something that hasn't been seen in an NFL player in quite sometime. He (Wilson) has an natural feel for the ball allowing him zip the ball through the air when under pressure all while maintaining his compsure as defensive lineman throw themselves at him, something many quarterbacks also don't do.

3. Arizona's playoff chances are slim

Let's face it, this week's loss at home is costly for Bruce Arian's unit, luckily for them, 3-4 in the NFC isn't so bad. That being said, their week 8 match-up against the Atlanta Falcons is suddenly a must-win game if they want any chance whatsoever at a wild-card spot.

4. Carson Palmer can't do it all

Arizona has problems on both sides of the ball. However, their offensive issues seem to be twofold as the offensive line can't provide Palmer with enough protection, nor can the backfield show any type of consistency. With arm strength that's only getting weaker as he ages, it's not on par with his vision. The offense needs to step-up and lighten the load off the 33-year-old vet.

5. All the pressure rests on San Francisco

Being as behind as they are, the 49ers can't afford to lose any of their match-ups, especially the primetime show on the road in Seattle on December 8th, one that could possibly have a huge impact on who moves on to the post-season.