The Seattle Seahawks have the distinction of being the only NFL team to change conferences twice.  The inaugural 1976 team played in the NFC West before switching to the AFC West the following season. Beginning in the 2002 season, the Seahawks switched back over to the NFC West after the NFL realigned when the Houston Texans became the 32nd team in the league.

The Seahawks spent 25 years in the AFC West, so obviously, most games have been played against those four teams. 

This is a list of the top 10 opponents that the Seahawks have played, listed by games played. There are three teams that are non-divisional foes and seven who have been.

I have also listed the largest margin of victory and defeat to each opponent. I also have stated my most memorable games from each series, through my eyes.

This article was requested by a fan from Federal Way, Washington, Tyell Davis.