If you take away the two touchdown passes to tight end Zach Miller, the score of the game doesn’t look so bad.

But it was bad, one that I did not think the team would be in position to play against, and yes, I thought they would cover the spread.

They didn’t and of course, I was wrong. A 45-17 loss is something serious, no matter who is playing.

The Jaguars again were bullied out of the gate by the legs of Marshawn Lynch and a mobile quarterback who prolonged plays - just like Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said he would. While there are a few positives the Jaguars can take from this game, like a stronger defense in the second half and solid play by Paul Posluszny and Jason Babin, the fact is the team lost it’s third game in a row for the fourth time since the team began play in 1995.

Seattle was pretty much on cruise control from the start of the game, a game that was never in jeopardy, never in any way of being overturned. And the defense of Seattle, along with sleek receivers and of course Wilson, proved again to the NFL world it is the best team to play in the league.

Here are five things we learned today in Seattle:

Cecil Shorts is still a great receiver

He catches ball after ball, even when he is double-teamed.

Shorts is the heart and soul of this Jaguars offense. No offense to Maurice Jones-Drew- who played valiantly today, but Shorts just makes it look easy.

Just think what would happen is there was a receiver on the other side take up the defense’s attention? Wow!

Seattle’s defense is really that good

Four sacks, under 300 yards of total defense given up and a real statement made against their former defensive coordinator.

The Seahawks could do no wrong. And they let everyone on the offense know who was boss. The hurt was coming and they did not know what to do about it.

The offensive line did Chad Henne little favors this weekend and remains a unit that is either in trouble, under construction  or both.

MJD played well

He scored a touchdown, which was something he really needed.

Maurice Jones-Drew has had an awful first three games of the year and while his stats may not show it, he played well. A touchdown was an elixir he needed in more ways than one. Gus Bradley has wanted his players to “just get better.” It looks like the running back and star player on this team is doing just that.

Potter's Magic

Last season, Zach Potter was released from the Jaguars because of injuries. He signed with the Seahawks soon thereafter. Potter beat up his former team. Two early touchdowns basically closed the door on the Jaguars.

On a day where former Jaguars linebacker Daryl Smith scored a touchdown on an interception return, it looks like former Jaguars beat up on their former team this afternoon.

The Colts are coming

The Jaguars come home after 11 days in California and Seattle to play the Colts, the team they won one of their two games against.

The Colts, fresh off a 27-7 win over the 49ers offer this team no hope of a win. Now that they have a running game, it is one more thing for the Jaguars to worry about for their second home game of the season. The Jaguars were a 19.5 point underdog this week and could not cover the spread. The Colts handled San Francisco with ease.

It looks like another mismatch for the Jaguars.