One of the more interesting games this Sunday will be the Seattle Seahawks taking on the St. Louis Rams in the Edward Jones Dome.  Both teams have a chance to build off of a win in this game, a win they both badly need.  The Seahawks earned their first win in three games last week against the Ravens, something nobody saw coming.  They have a great opportunity to keep their momentum going, get another win against the Rams, and roll over Washington next week.  On the other hand, St. Louis could keep their own momentum going from last week's win over the Browns, which they will need in their rematch with Arizona the following week.


Watch Rams wide receiver Brandon Lloyd carefully.  With injuries taking their toll on the Rams' offense, Brandon Lloyd will most likely step up to try and balance out the absences of Danario Alexander and Carnell Williams.  However, one man's loss (or two men's, in this case) is another man's gain.  Lloyd is only nine receptions away from getting back the sixth-round pick St. Louis traded to Denver for him, and he has a great opportunity to get more in this game.  He's already had 21 receptions, 255 receiving yards, and two touchdowns in the past the four games.  I'm willing to bet he'll have at least 26 receptions, 300 receiving yards, and one more touchdown by the end of the game.


Another player to keep an eye on is Marshawn Lynch.  Granted, he's never hard to watch, seeing as how he's Seattle's top rusher.  Watch him closer than usual, though.  He ran 135 rushing yards and 3 receiving yards against Dallas two weeks ago, and 109 rushing yards and 23 receiving yards against Baltimore last week.  The difficulty of running against Dallas's defense is debatable, but not Baltimore's.  They are known for having a tough defense and Lynch ran all over them.  I could see him doing the same, if not worse to the Rams.


One more important thing to keep track of in this game is how St. Louis takes advantage of the holes in Seattle's defense.  With several players out and/or questionable due to injuries, the Rams might be able to see a little light in the darkness.  Despite their own potentially crippling player absences, they could very well pull a fast one on Seattle and serve up some cold revenge for last year's beatdown.