After the ruling heard around the world that awarded the Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate with a  catch that gave Seattle a 14-12 victory of the Green Bay Packers on Monday night at Century Link Field.

Here is a break down how the Packers failed to put themselves in position to not have to put the game in the hands of the inept replacement officials and how the Seahawks defense played a role in making Green Bay very ineffective offensively until the second half. 

First half, for example, Green Bay had 27 offensive plays over the course of five drives. The question is  how do you not find a way to put even three points on the board with best quarterback on the planet in Aaron Rodgers. The Packer offensive line surrenders eight sacks to the Seattle defense.

Then in third quarter Green Bay drives down has a third and five at the Seahawk 10 Rodgers has Driver on kind of a short middle crossing route toward the back of the end zone that falls incomplete. It is a play that usually if the Packers are at the top of the game score seven points.

Thus, Green Bay left four points on the scoreboard by not executing so instead of a 7-7 tie, you have a 7-3 Seattle lead. Then the next Packer drive the 3rd and 3 at the Seattle 22 ,where Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley could not connect forcing another field goal opportunity instead of finishing the long drive and getting a second touchdown. So, now you have eight points left on the scoreboard so far for Green Bay.

Fast forward, to the two-point conversion on the go-ahead touchdown after the Packers took the lead 12-7. The missed conversion if that would have been made puts the Packers up 14-7 and then that touchdown took places only forces overtime and with the offense getting another crack to win the game.

Moreover, the Packers had a chance to get one first down to ice the game with 1:54 remaining and Seattle only having two timeouts. How do you not put the ball in Aaron Rodgers hands to complete one to two quick passes that had been successful in the game to get the first down and then Seattle does not get the ball back. At the end of the day what was the Seahawks supposed to do on the defensive series lay down let Green Bay get the first down

With this situation with the train wreck that is these replacement officials no team in the NFL can afford to put themselves in a position where the game is in the hands of officials. For example, with tonight's game Is it the Seahawks fault that Green Bay left 10 points on the scoreboard by not being able score touchdowns on one of the best defensive performances in a long time against Rodgers.

Green Bay had 68 offensive plays averaging 3.9 yards per play for 268 yards if they have any type of production in the first three quarters this game does not come down to that play in the end zone. 

The game overall had 119 plays, so in theory the Packers and Seahawks had 118 other opportunities to secure victory for themselves. Those 118 plays are more than enough of an opportunity to put enough points on the board to win the game.

In closing, I am not defending the officiating at all in this game or what is all over the NFL right now.

Unfortunately, it was going to take something like this happening to give the NFL, and the Officials a slap in the face to hopefully getting them negotiating immediately and resolving this nonsense.

Consequently, until this situation gets resolved if your an NFL head coach, or a player and if you have a chance to get touchdowns instead of field goals like the Packers did or get one first down with 1:54 left in the game.

It becomes very simple score touchdowns and get that one first down so you don't even to think about relying on this circus act of replacement officials. Championship teams take care of business and slam the door on their opponent and Green Bay did not do that when they were up 12-7 and they paid a very steep price for it.