Xavier Su'a-Filo OG UCLA

6'4 307 33 3/8"arms 9 3/8" hands

5.04 40 yards 25 bench reps (225 lbs) 25" vertical 102" broad jump 4.49 20 yd shuttle 7.60 3 cone 


Scouting Notes:

- Has an ideal height and weight combination for the position but has a bit of a soft body, compact build, lacks ideal length and wingspan, but for an interior lineman it's not awful, has a soft thick trunk but moves much better and is a much better athlete then you'd expect from his body type

- Tremendous character and work ethic, an Eagle scout who spent two years on missionary work.

- Very quick out of his stance

- Has to lower his pad level at the next level to take his game to the next level, plays very high, has a strong anchor but doesn't utilize it.  Needs to bend his knees more and sink his hips to hold up against the top bull rushers at the NFL level.  Is too often stiff legged on film, something that he won't get away with against the competition he'll face on Sunday's

- Played left guard as well as left tackle at UCLA, has more then enough quickness and has the feet to excel on the perimeter but doesn't have the length, will need to play inside as a pro

- Has gotten away with high pad level as a collegian due to outstanding core strength and flexibility as well as very strong hands

- Hands are very strong, he's able to control and even overpower in pass protection using predominantely his upper body, once he latches on, he stays latched on.  Has a very strong initial punch that can jolt his man on his heels, but for some reason he chooses not to use it consistently, instead choosing to catch his man.  Much more effective when he fires his hands out quickly, latches and extends.

- Has a finishers mentality, plays with a nasty streak, looks to dominate and bury his man, watching him on film you often see him drive his man off the film screen or onto his backside, and when his man goes down, he makes sure he stays down.

- Seems to have a good understanding of blocking angles and body positioning, knows how to get into position to seal off his man in the run game.  Works to his man's shoulder and positions his body to seal off and cave in, creating huge holes in the ground game.

- Constantly driving forward as a run blockers, explosive in the run game with a powerful initial shot and strong hands to drive his man backward.  Almost never see him knocked off his base.

- Gets nice movement in the run game, but could be even better and more consistent if he would consistently roll his hips on contact.  Does do a nice job of always keeping his feet churning on contact

- Extremely light on his feet...Gets to the second level quicker then any guard in the 2014 class, moves like a fullback and is able to run fit against smaller quicker defenders

- Has the best movement skills, the best package of short area quickness, agile feet and loose hips of any interior lineman on the board. 

- He looks outstanding in the screen game or pulling to the perimeter, runs and moves like a players 50 pounds lighter

-Does a nice job of always keeping his head up and on a swivel

- Generally has good hand placement, keeps his hands inside, but they can get a bit too high at time mainly due to his high pad level

- High pad level and stiff straight legs makes him suscepible to the spin move in pass pro as well as inside moves and stunts.

- Has to get in the habit of sinking his hips, dropping his anchor and sitting down in his pass pro set, relies too much on his upper body strength, his strong hands and his strong core.  If he gets in the habit of sinking that anchor firing his hands out and extending his arms on a consistent basis, all of that combined with his remarkably light quick feet could make him one of the very best pass protecting guards in football

- While he has terrific feet and agility he isn't always the best player he can be.  His best football lies ahead of him when he can get in the habit of playing with a lower more athletic and powerful stance, and incorporates his strong intial punch on a more consistent basis.  The kind of tools he brings to the table as a 300 plus pounder are the kind of things you can't teach, but the deficiencies in his game are coachable and correctable.

Overall Summary: You better believe there isn't an offensive line coach in the league that wouldn't love to see this guy in his position room come July training camp.  Su'a-Filo is still a work in progress from a technique standpoint, but he posseses the kind of top flight athletic ability for a 300 pounder that makes his ceiling as high as any interior lineman to enter the league in the past few seasons.  "XSF" would definitely be a great fit in a zone run scheme, but he also has the power to succeed in a power scheme as well.  He brings some position versatility to the table as well with his experience at left tackle for the Bruins, but his future is defnitely on the interior.  Su'a-Filo has the feet and agility to succeed at left tackle, but lacks the length to excel there long term.  It's startling to watch him move in space, he looks like a fullback blocking downfield, and gets to the second level ultra-quickly and with good balance and control.  I wouldn't go as far as to call Su'a-Filo "raw" as a pass blocker, he just has some fairly perplexing bad habits that would seem to be easily correctable.  The sky is the limit for an athlete like this, with the right coaching he could become among the elite at his position in a short period of time.  He should be one of the top two guards taken off the board, and grades out as a mid to late first rounder, but could slip to the second round with the tremendous depth of talent in the 2014 class.