Santonio Holmes unfortunately joins the ranks of injured New York Jets. Losing Holmes will be just as much of a hit as Darrelle Revis being out for the season. The fact remains that he is a major play maker for the New York Jets and he's exciting to watch.

However, I can't say that I will miss him entirely. Holmes has not been as effective this year prior to his injury and last year he caused a tremendous amount of internal problems in the locker room for the New York Jets.

Who can forget the final Jets game of the 2011 season against the Miami Dolphins? Santonio Holmes was benched during the final offensive drive for his behavior towards his own team mates. He had an argument in the huddle. Another fine addition to the drama surrounding the New York Jets.

Santonio Holmes seemed quite content that he was one of Mark Sanchez's primary targets this year and even mentioned something about, "Holmes-Sanchez football" after they smothered the Buffalo Bills. I didn't know what to make of that statement. Did it mean as long as Santonio Holmes was getting the ball, all would go well with his attitude this year?

Though he was basically quiet this season, Holmes brought negative attention to a team that needs all the positive vibes it can get. I don't care how well of a player he is. If he can't form a bond with his team mates, then maybe they would be better off with out him. He isn't the only Jet that's exciting to watch.