Not long after the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets clashed at the Meadowlands, it was explicitly clear which team prepared their team for victory and the other struggling to find answers. By the end, the sound of victory struck with profundity as the Niners hopped a flight headed west with a 34-0 victory in hand.

After a tough loss to Minnesota, the 49ers embarked upon their second annual between-game hiatus to Youngstown, Ohio. They practiced, bonded, prepared to recover and reestablish their winning ways. On the field, the defending NFC West Champions looked like a winner. They were prepared to play despite the east coast time. Their offense showed the Jets and the rest of the National Football League a few wrinkles thanks to Colin Kaepernick's early runs and score. The defense played their best game and orchestrated a solid shutout on the road.

In a day and time when coaches still come and go, teams ride the wildest roller coasters all season long and meticulous management throughout an organization is few and far between; it is clear the Niners team will rarely be outperformed based upon being “outprepared”. The entire San Francisco 49ers organization was the hero of this game. A couple years ago when they needed a little extra under Coach Mike Singletary, few commented on exactly how that addition would appear. The organization drew closer to their vision by hiring Jim Harbaugh, a guy made to coach the game; a winner and true game manager.

On the other hand, I do not doubt Rex Ryan’s ability to coach a team, manage men and rally the troops. Now is the time when he will face his toughest obstacle. Ryan must accept a quality far beyond his demeanor. He cannot take a step further without reevaluating his team. His team, the one that cannot run the football with uneventful wide-outs, a less-ferocious defense and a special teams unit that gave up a punt block while facing two rushers.

Adding fuel to this hellacious fire, Ryan must decide how much longer he will ride with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez was unimpressive in a gut-punching home loss. The zero of the game looked lost at times. He failed to hide his lack of passion, as well. Even more, the team lacked NFL-level energy most of the game; unfortunately following their field general. Since Sanchez has played like a backup for a little while now, it is time to put the young man in his place.