Coach Harbaugh

As Coach Harbaugh ponders what happened in 2012 and looks forward to the 2013 season, I believe there are three resolutions he needs to make with the team to help bring them to a better place in 2013.

First of all it's time we make it back to a Super Bowl.  It's been 18 years already, and as well all know, the 49ers are unique in that they've been to five Super Bowls, and have come out victorious every time.

Secondly no more quarterback controversies please. That doesn't show real leadership. If you want Kaepernick leading the team, then so be it, we don't need to be jerked around. 

Last but not least, Ricky Jean-Francois needs to start as nose tackle. He is more than ready to help the team fill this spot that has been growing weaker.

There are many reasons for this, and we'll break each of these goals down one by one. We talk about the reasons why we need to resolution, and what it can do for us in 2013.

First, getting back into the Super Bowl. we need to make this a resolution because 18 years is a long time, and there is a whole generation of kids now who don't remember the glory days with Steve Young.

Of course there are similarities we can make between the 1995 Niners and today's Niners, but what's more important is that getting to the Superbowl this year would really help Kaepernick feel stable in a leadership position with the Niners.

Ricky Jean-Francois

Our second resolution, no more quarterback controversy is more of a Coach Harbaugh resolution, but it's important for the team to know who their leader truly is, and it's important to the fans as well.

Let's face it, in a pretty highly ranked defense, there's only that one hole, and we know how to fix it. Image the Niner's defense after making that change, number one defense in the NFL?
Now onto our last resolution, putting Ricky Jean-Francois in as starting nose tackle.