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Anquan BoldinNo. 1 Someone Not Named Anquan Boldin Will Have A Big Day For The 49ers.

While the Seahawks had to deal with arguably one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league in Cam Newton last week, it wasn’t a very tall test considering Newton’s lack of options to throw to. 

The Seattle defense kept Newton at a career low 119 passing yards. The test will be more difficult this week as Colin Kaepernick has better options to throw to. 

Some receiver for the 49ers is going to have a great day, but you can bet that the Seahawks won’t let it be Anquan Boldin. 

Boldin torched the Green Bay Packers last week to the tune of 208 yards and a touchdown (good decision Baltimore). 

If the Seahawks are going to get beat you can bet Richard Sherman and company are going to make someone else do it. My guess is that Vernon Davis will see his Week 1 success continue in to Week 2 with 80 yards and a trip to the end zone.

 No. 2 Marshawn Lynch’s Streak Of 100+ Yard Games Versus The 49ers Will Come To An End.

Over the past three games versus the 49ers Marshawn Lynch has accumulated 321 yards and three touchdowns.  There is no doubt about the threat that Lynch poses. But last week at Carolina, the Panthers front line held him to just 43 yards. 

The Panthers' line is no joke and neither is the 49ers. Last week they held the Packers to just 63 rushing yards.  Yes, the Packers are a pass-first team, but they are looking to put more of the running game in their attack with rookie running back Eddie Lacy. 

And while Lacy is no Lynch just yet, it is still important to note just how effective the 49ers' front line defended the run last week. Lynch still has a good day with 75 yards and a touchdown, but the century streak comes to an end.

No. 3 A Low Scoring Game With The Seahawks Coming Out On Top?

Yes, the question mark at the end of that statement is correct and I can’t believe that’s what I think will happen.  After watching the 49ers put up big numbers against the Packers and seeing the Seahawks struggle to score points against the Panthers I really want to think that the 49ers will come out on top. 

But the matchups here are different than what they were last week. These are two of the top teams in the league (I see you Peyton Manning) and they will play like it on Sunday. For all of the offensive talent under center and on both sidelines it will come down to defense. 

The Seahawks are so solid on the defensive side of the ball and while their signal caller isn’t an Aaron Rodgers, like the 49ers saw last week, he’s still a very intelligent and capable quarterback who will figure out ways to move the ball down the field. Along with help from the home crowd, the Seahawks come out on top 17-14.