Alex Smith San Francisco 49ers' now-backup-quarterback, Alex Smith, has watched his job being taken right from under him after he suffered a concussion this season.

The former 1st overall draft pick in 2004 looks at the whole situation as bittersweet and is happy to see his team that he’s been in battles with go to the Super Bowl and face the Baltimore Ravens.

Smith didn’t see himself being replaced by second-year player Colin Kaepernick as the starting quarterback.

I guess coach Jim Harbaugh built Smith up to tear him down. That’s how many are looking at it and this has left a bad taste in Alex Smith’s mouth. Before Smith went out, the 49ers were having a winning season and they looked like the team to beat in the NFC and the playoffs. But this all came to an end when Harbaugh just felt that Smith wasn’t his guy.

Jim Harbaugh's quarterback change has made a lot of noise in the NFL and in the sports mainstream. Many people wanted answers to this controversy and wanted to know why the change so late in the season.

Smith didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Myself for one feels bad for a guy that transformed his mediocre career and managed to become a really good quarterback in the NFL. Obviously this probably wouldn’t have happened without the help of Harbaugh.

I’m not saying that Smith would have gone or won a Super Bowl for the club but he could have. You just never know what can happen in the playoffs. Every team becomes a championship contender once they get into the tournament. The San Francisco 49ers have been a favorite to go and win a title for some time now.  

Smith now has to watch on the sidelines in New Orleans to see if his 49ers will win another championship for the organization. Have no fear Alex; there will be a team out there that would love to have your services as a starting quarterback because that’s what you deserve.