Well we are finally here. The NFC Championship game has arrived and the Falcons and Niners are 60 minutes away from making their Super Bowl aspirations a reality. 

San Francisco is going to bring their stout defense and emerging quarterback phenom, Colin Kaepernick, into the ATL with a lot of confidence after dispatching the Green Bay Packers last Saturday 45-31 in Candlestick.

While the Falcons had a near death experience last week, snatching defeat from the hand of victory, only to give the hands back the defeat, and take the victory 30-28 over the Seattle Seahawks. The Atlanta Falcons are the cardiac kids of the playoffs, but with new life they find themselves one game away from going to the Super Bowl.

The Niners come into this game as the favorite on the road. That is very interesting given they are going to lose this game. In fact I can give you five reasons why they are going to lose this game. I've created a bootleg power point presentation to illustrate why the San Francisco 49ers will be going back to the Bay Area with hung heads and a loss in their luggage.