Last year The San Francisco 49ers had one of the best years they've had since the 1990's. With a near Super Bowl win and the rise of Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers could be in for a great year. Here are six bold predictions for the 49ers 2013 season.

Bold Predictions

1. Harbaugh Family Thanksgiving

Even though the Harbaugh brothers said they wouldn't let the Super Bowl come between them, I predict that John will invite his little brother to Thanksgiving. Jim will accept, and that's when the arguments over the great power outage scandal will ensue. They'll make peace though over Thanksgiving, and when the brothers break the wishbone, Jim will wish for a Super Bowl win in 2014.

2. Colin Kaepernick rushing yards

Kaepernick had a stellar rushing performance last year, rushing for 415 yards, breaking the record for most yards rushed by a quarterback in a single game. This year I predict Kaepernick will rush for 540 yards breaking Steve Young's season record of 537.

3. Randy Moss Touchdowns

Randy Moss added value to the 49ers offense last year, scoring 3 toucdowns, putting him at 156 for his career, second only to Jerry Rice.  I predict that Moss will resign with San Francisco, add ten touchdowns to his resume, putting him at 166, still shy of Rice's 197, but increasingly closer.

4. Alex Smith, Kaepernick Showdown

Having been mentored by Smith on the sidelines, Kaepernick learned a lot from Alex, and on August 16th, these two will face off in a Rocky/Apollo style exhibition with Kaepernick being the Rock. I predict this game will end much like Rocky 1, and not Rocky 2, it will be close, but ultimately Smith will show the 49ers he's still got game.

5. Patrick Willis and crew leads the Defense to Number 1

Last year, Patrick Willis and the rest of the 49ers defense proved they're built tough, being 2nd in the league, with the Pittsburgh Steelers being number 1. I predict this year, Willis and crew will go from allowing an average of 17.1 points per game to 14 helping them to be the top NFL Defense for 2013.

6. Another Super Bowl in sight

With Michael Crabtree and crew getting the taste of a Super Bowl after a 18 year drought, their thirst for another Super owl appearance will be a driving force this season. I predict by the end of this year, we'll see Super Bowl XLVIII in their future.