The San Francisco 49ers are gearing up for another run at the Super Bowl. All systems are “go” and based on the comments made throughout the offseason by team brass, the draft picks they made and the trades they have been involved in, you know from the start, this is a team that believes in its destiny.

Besides all of that, Jim Harbaugh losing to his brother John is still a huge pill to swallow and the younger Harbaugh is reminded of that every day.

There are many players who have come together to make sure the 49ers get another shot at greatness. While the team is loaded with superstars, there are players who you could call underrated and some who may be a tad bit overrated at what they do. No matter what the circumstances are, this is a franchise that has learned to put “team” first before everything else and for that reason alone, I would not bet against them winning a Super Bowl this year.

Having an even score in the Harbaugh family would make everyone a bit happier.

Here are two players who play hard for this organization who are underrated and overrated on this roster.

Underrated: Mike Iupati, Guard


That is what a lot of fans say when you mention his guard from Idaho.

As a first round pick, the 17th selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, all Iupati has done is open holes for the running game, move massive defensive linemen and kept quarterbacks Alex Smith and now Colin Kaepernick upright and clean.

Those are mighty large chores for a 6’5” 331-pound linemen who is still learning his trade.

When you go to work, do your job, don’t worry about accolades and is becoming a household name in NFL circles, you know you are doing your job right.

While common fans who do not follow the 49ers on a regular basis may not know about Iupati and his performance, the local fans and opposing NFL defensive players know him well.

Overrated: Nnamdi Asomugha, Defensive Back

Four years ago, Asomugha was the most talked about and most wanted defensive back in the NFL. Now, after  being in Philadelphia and now in San Francisco, he is conceivably the biggest bust of the past decade.

At 6’2” and 210 pounds, he is the ideal size for a cornerback covering the opposing team’s top receiver. Asomugha was the second Cal player to be drafted in the first round (31st overall) of the 2003 NFL draft by the Oakland Raiders after Kyle Boller was taken by the Baltimore Ravens.

Because he has not been able to duplicate the same kind of production while down the road in Oakland, the contract he signed this offseason by the 49ers.

Chris Wesseling of wrote about a story from Ian Rapoport that, “49ers coaches realize Asomugha no longer is the player he was at age 25. They love the "chip on his shoulder" as he's out to restore his reputation after two miserable seasons in Philadelphia, but they also plan to limit Asomugha's snaps and spell him from time to time.”

Until Asomugha can show signs of life like he did in Oakland and put fear in opoonents’ offenses, he will carry the “overrated” tag with him.