The San Diego Chargers are a well-rested team after coming off their bye week, as they head to our Nation's Capital to face the Washington Redskins this Sunday. It's the first time in a while that the Chargers come into a contest with a winning streak on the line, but can they maintain this newfound momentum. 

This week, the Redskins are playing for their playoff lives, as a loss will seal their fate this season. The winner of this contest must have better balance offensively and avoid turnovers by protecting the football. 

Here are three bold predictions:

Thomas Keiser Will Create Havoc

Since Chargers defensive end Dwight Freeney went down with a season-ending quadriceps injury, outside linebacker Thomas Keiser has added a necessary spark to the defense by become a furious pass-rusher, which is something the unit desperately needed. At 6-4, 250 lbs., Keiser is the prototypical pass-rusher from the edge to create havoc in the backfield. 

Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano's aggressive blitzing scheme will make it possible for Keiser to pressure and contain Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in the pocket. This pass rush could force RGIII to throw errant throws that could turn into interceptions by the Chargers secondary. 

Beware of Brandon Meriweather

Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather has been under the microscope all season with his questionable tackling methods, and he'll be returning to the starting lineup this week after serving a suspension for illegal hits above the shoulder. Instead of deflating the issue, Meriweather pledged to tackle oncoming receivers below their waist and target their ACLs. 

Were his words taken out of context, we'll never know the truth, but the Chargers receiving corp has been put on red alert. Too many of their wideouts have gone across the middle of the field and made plays this season. Each Charger receiver is elusive enough in the open field to make Meriweather miss them if he's trying to size them up for that big hit. 

Jordan Reed is the Best Player You Never Heard of 

Quietly, tight end Jordan Reed has made himself into a lethal receiving threat in the Redskins passing offense. He gains separation from defenders by exhibiting surprising speed when running deep routes, as Reed makes sharp cuts off the coverage to get open across the middle. Look for him to be RGIII's main target in the red zone. They could become one of the top passing combos in the NFL by season's end.