Michael Vick Michael Vick Is Perfect For This Offense.

This week was more confirmation than new information that Michael Vick can flourish in Chip Kelly’s offense. 

Vick looks very comfortable in the pocket and consistently has plenty of time to find his receivers, who are usually wide open. 

He also seems to be making more intelligent decisions when running with the ball. On a couple of plays Vick took off for the first down and ran out of bounds to avoid a hit. 

If he’s going to play all 16 games it’s going to be important that he continue to do this type of thing when running with the ball. 

He’s going to get hit, as evidenced on a second down play that caused him to have to sit out the next play. But the less hits he can take the better. 

Vick also commented that he’s just getting used to the offense. He threw for 400+ yards this weekend. Can you imagine what he’s going to be like when he’s completely comfortable with it?

Chip Kelly Will Have Growing Pains In The NFL.

So far the Chip Kelly experiment has gone pretty well. In two games he’s shown that his offensive scheme can work well in the NFL. But it’s likely that his days of winning by 25 points or more, as he did at Oregon, are gone. 

In those games, Kelly really didn’t have to worry with game management. By at least the fourth quarter in those games, the Ducks had the game firmly in their grasp and there was no need to strategically use timeouts. At least in the early going, Kelly will have to do a better job managing the clock. 

The end of Sunday’s game against the Chargers was absolutely awful, as far as clock management goes. The Eagles did tie the score with a field goal, but there were close to two minutes left for a Philip Rivers offense that had carved up the field all day. 

And they did it one more time to allow for their own game winning field goal. While Eagles fans were disappointed, and rightly so, there shouldn’t be too much worry in Philly. If Chip Kelly can figure out a way to integrate a new offensive play book in to the best football league in the world I think he’ll figure out how to use his timeouts to have the clock in his favor.

Could The Philip Rivers Sighting Be For Real?

Well this is something that not many people thought would happen. Even before the season, many NFL experts had written Philip Rivers off and were expecting the same type of season from him that he usually turns in. Fast forward to Sunday and those expectations have been shattered. Rivers passed for 419 yards and three touchdowns. 

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, those stats or that he also threw zero interceptions. Speaking of rare sightings, did anybody else see Eddie Royal? Yeah you did. Rivers may have lost one of his most reliable weapons in Malcom Floyd, but he may also have found a new one in Royal. 

Through the first two games Royal has scored five touchdowns, including three on Sunday. The Chargers' run game isn’t terrible and that has seemed to open up some things for Rivers’ receivers. It’s likely that Royal’s touchdowns will take a dip, but he’s shown that he can be an extremely reliable receiver and we all know that Rivers isn’t afraid to chuck it. 

At the least the Chargers players will be valuable for fantasy teams. But more importantly for San Diego, they could be for real and could make some surprising noise.

Eagles So Yeah, That Philly Defense…Well…

Again, the Philadelphia offense is going to be fun to watch all season. Obviously their game plan makes their games more fun to watch than most teams. 

But it’s also going to be fun to watch because their defense looks like it’s going to continually put them in a position where they have to be aggressive on offense until the clock strikes 0:00. 

Through two games it doesn’t seem like Vick and company will be getting in the Victory Formation too many times this season. So far the Eagles have given up 921 total yards,  seven touchdowns, and four field goals for a total of 60 points. 

Their opponents also have a 50 percent conversion rate on third and fourth downs. So think of it like this: If you were the other team and you went for it on third down and didn’t get it, then the next time you have a third down you should probably go for it because, statistically you’ll convert it.  That’s not good. 

Their front seven has a total of four sacks. For perspective, Mario Willams had 4.5 sacks himself on Sunday vs. Carolina. Yeah, it’s a freak stat and the Panthers line is pretty bad, but even so, the Eagles have to do a better job. 

Again, it makes for an exciting game, but games like Sunday will get old really quick if the Eagles aren’t able to come out on the winning side.

If He Stays Healthy Lesean McCoy Will Be The Best Running Back In The League.

While McCoy didn’t find the end zone on Sunday, his day was still extremely productive.  Rushing for 53 yards on 11 carries, McCoy’s biggest number came from the air where he compiled 114 yards on five receptions. Michael Vick has a few weapons at his disposal to get the ball to and it would seem that this could limit McCoy’s play on some days. 

But McCoy is obviously one of the main ingredients in the offense and the Eagles will find ways to get him the ball.  Through the first two games he’s averaging 178 total yards per game. It’s unrealistic to think he’ll get that every game, but let’s just say that by week 16 he’s averaging 150 yards a game.

That’s a 2,250-yard season for McCoy with no telling how many touchdowns. Again, the health of each player, and especially Michael Vick, will determine the success of the team and the individuals. 

But so far the Eagles are headed in the right direction and McCoy looks like he will benefit greatly from it.  


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