Unlike a number of teams which have highly-illustrious histories replete with Super Bowl victories, outspoken owners, and overly-colorful players, the San Diego Chargers have had a more collaborative and inclusive team atmosphere without "look at me" players who view-and present-themselves as better than others.

Given the relative mediocrity of the Chargers in recent years, trying to identify the team's four biggest icons in its history for a Mount Rushmore-esque scenario was a monumental task (pun intended) indeed.

Greats such as offensive guard Walt Sweeney, coach Sid Gilman, wide receivers Charlie Joiner and Lance Allworth, and tight end Kellen Winslow (who almost made the top four, particularly due to the 1981 AFL Championship Game-"The Epic in Miami"-from where the iconic photo of an exhausted Winslow being helped off the field hails) have all contributed considerably to the San Diego legacy; however, for purposes of this article, the four visages I would like to see immortalized in stone are...


The Epic in Miami