Dwight Freeney Finally after spending last season unhappy and unable to adjust to a new defensive scheme, Indianapolis Colts veteran defensive end Dwight Freeney will now be calling San Diego home.

It has been reported by the Chargers that Freeney will receive a two-year contract worth $8.75 million, and will be playing in the same defensive scheme with them that he could not adjust to last season with the Colts.

Freeney has been a beast in the league over his 11-year career with 107.5 sacks, and 44 forced fumbles, but struggled bad last season when new head coach Chuck Pagano changed the defensive scheme on him.

Freeney only managed to rack up 5 sacks last season, by far his worst season since 2007 when he only played nine games due to injury. 

The Chargers' representatives have acknowledged the fact that Freeney struggled last season in a 4-3 scheme and have stated they will run special plays with Freeney on the field. If Freeney can adjust to his new environment in the Golden State, the Chargers very well could have the best pass rusher since the lights went out when Shawne Merriman was exposed for using performance enhancing drugs.

Freeney can also play in favor of the Colts due to the fact he is a former teammate of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. What better way to outwit the “Professor of Quarterbacks” than to have a player that  spent every year with him as a teammate and defender in practice.

No matter what the upper hand is, it's always good to have one when your team has to play a Manning twice a year.