The New Orleans Saints hope to play again tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow, but with the roll they are on, New Orleans would love to get back on the field as soon as possible. In blasting the Oakland Raiders Sunday in Oakland, the Saints have come marching in; and how!

Here are five things we learned from the game on Sunday:

1. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is good. He also really likes to play against the Oakland Raiders. Brees has won his last seven starts against the Raiders, while playing for the Chargers and now the Saints. He has turned in magnificent performances against Oakland as well, including not throwing one single interception during this span. On Sunday Brees threw for 219 yards on 20/27 passing, along with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Air Brees breezed through the Raiders defense again.

2. The Oakland Raiders have a Black Hole. Actually they have two Black Holes. One is the seating section in the Coliseum named the Black Hole where passionate and rowdy Raiders fans try and make life miserable for opposing teams. The other Black Hole is the Raiders defense; which is just plain miserable. Without any pass rush to speak of, and a defensive secondary that is porous and overwhelmed it seems; the Oakland had no real chance of keeping up with the Saints on Sunday, just as they had no chance last week in Baltimore; or the week before that against Tampa Bay.

3. New Orleans plays solid football with an average run game. Drew Brees more than makes up for any run deficiencies with a stellar game, worthy of all the praise and accolades that comes his way. With the Saints defense rounding in to form and regaining their opportunistic nature, New Orleans now has to be considered a real threat to the rest of the NFC. When injured running back Darren Sproles returns to action, possibly next week against the San Francisco Forty-Niners; New Orleans will have one of their main weapons back as they march forward and keep the party going in the French Quarter.

4. Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen must really have a lot of patience, self discipline, and faith that he and his staff will turn around this poor tackling, lousy, mistake-prone team that he is in charge of. On the sidelines Allen's expression never changes, whether his team is up a field goal, or down by 27 points, with the latter being the most common this season. Maybe Allen waits until he gets in his car and drives home to yell, scream, and cry at the way the Raiders play. Either way one thing is certain, his first season as head coach of the Raiders has made the youngest coach in the NFL grow old fast.

5. The Saints came in to Oakland knowing they were going to win. It wasn't a false sense of hope, arrogance, or luck. They feel as though they weathered the storm early in the year with all the turbulence that engulfed the team- from losing head coach Sean Payton for the season, to the suspension of key players, to getting a black eye in the way the NFL viewed them; to starting off the season 0-4. Now the Saints are on track, and they feel they owe the league a little something. There is nothing more dangerous than a team on a mission with a chip on its shoulder.