San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after he lost control of his car on Monday. Mathews is said to have been entering the freeway on Highway 8 in San Diego when he hit another car.

Both drivers involved in the accident were not badly hurt and were able to walk away under their own power.

This is yet another accident for an NFL player. however, no alcohol, drugs or anything of the sort are said to be linked to the crash.

The Charger was taken to a hospital to check for any internal injuries and was suffering from back pain after the incident. He has been advised not to practice until he is deemed 100%, and physically able to perform in team activities. At this moment in time he is listed as day to day. There has been no word on his return from the Charger camp.

Mathews was the twelfth pick, in the first round, back in 2010 by the chargers out of Fresno State. The elusive back is a key part of their offense. Norv Turner and his staff have to be thanking their lucky stars that he was not more seriously injured.