The Tim Tebow saga has been one of the interesting stories in NFL history. When Tebow was drafted by the Broncos in the first round of the 2010, there were questions as to whether he could actually be a successful NFL quarterback. Although he had an agglomeration of collegiate accolades, he lacked the proper technique and mechanics needed to be a starter in the NFL. 

Many people thought a position change would be best for him to have success in the NFL. Some mentioned fullback, some mentioned tight-end, and others were thinking running back. This past off season, when Tebow was traded to the Jets, he was coming in to backup Mark Sanchez, "for now". Surely if Sanchez struggled, the fans would want Tebow would take his place in hopes to provide a spark for the offense. 

Well, no quarterback change yet. But, he has been used by the Jets as a punt protector and as a runner in the Wildcat, he even did a little blocking for Sanchez in the backfield. Surprisingly we have only seen a few pass attempts from number 15, and without much success. But in a new scenario, we may see Tebow as a starter for the Jets offense, just not where you'd think.

There are several reasons why Tebow should be moved from quarterback to running back, at least for the short term. With starting running back Shonn Greene struggling, the Jets should use Tebow as a change-of-pace, power back.

This is not to say that they should completely abolish Greene's carries, considering Greene has had his best years when paired with another back (LaDainian Tomlinson, 2010-2011), I think he and Tebow would compliment eachother well. Now, of course Tebow is no LT, but given his natural running ability I think he could be a good runningmate with Greene.

Another reason why I believe Tebow should be moved to running back is his size. At 6'3" and about 240 pounds, Tebow is obviously big enough to handle the constant grind of being a running back. He regularly ran the ball at Florida and in Denver with great success, and has done well running for the Jets too. He's strong enough to take the beating, and I really believe he could be the second coming of Mike Alstott given the right coaching. I know, high praise for a guy who's never played running back full-time, but I think the talent is there for him to have that kind of success in the NFL. 

The funny thing about Tebow is his speed. He's never been known for being lightning quick, but he's fast enough. He's fast enough to hit the holes and explode through, and his ability to run through defenders and make cuts compensates for his lack of speed. Surely he looks a lot faster when he's barreling through defenders and making linebackers look like Pop Warner players.

The most impressive thing about Tebow to me, and the thing that I think translates best from the quarterback position to the running back position, is his vision. He is one of the most aware and alert players I've seen in a long time, he knows what's going on everywhere on the field. When he's in the pocket, he's great at feeling the rush and moving out of the pocket and using his feet. This translates perfectly to being a running back as Tebow has already demonstrated that he can keep his eyes downfield without risking ball security or loss of yards.

Looking back at his magical year last year in Denver, he had one play against his current Jets team that perfectly portended his ability as a runner. Tebow dropped back to pass, and after he saw an opening downfield he took off, running more than 20 yards for a touchdown to lead his team to a fourth quarter comeback victory. Stuff like that sticks with coaches, and I do believe that is a reason why the Jets traded for him.

But above everything, the best quality in Tebow is the one thing you can't see on tape, his intangibles. He has been a leader by nature ever since his days in Gainsville as a Gator, and that is why he has had success in all levels of the game. From Heismans and National Championships, to quarterback controversies and trades, Tebow has always remained a leader on every team he's been on. Having a guy like that in the backfield, even if it's just 50% of the time, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the team, and would make up for Sanchez's loose grip on the offense. 

Although I'm sure Tebow would rather be a starting quarterback, I think he will have the most success and opportunities as a runner in this league. Maybe with the right coach and the right system he could be the quarterback he was at Florida, but for now his legs are his key to the success.