With quarterbacks becoming so fragile as of late, the new trend in the NFL is to put a baby faced, untested rookie at the position and let him take the reigns.

Russell Wilson is set to become the fifth starting rookie quarterback in the NFL this year, when he steps onto the field for the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Luck, RGIII, Tannehill, Weeden and now Wilson are all being thrown into the mix. It remains to be seen if this trend of starting rookies under center is a good or bad idea. Many like Luck and RGIII, are being looked to as the savior and new face of the franchise, intended to pull the team up from the depths of despair as soon as possible.

The good thing for players like Weeden and Wilson is that they are only being looked upon to do marginally well, anything else will be a bonus. There's pressure, but those who know how players develop will know that anything positive out of them being given such responsibility is a good thing.

Peyton Manning in Denver has not looked like the Peyton of old, Michael Vick has struggled every season since he entered the league to stay healthy and the same can be said of so many starters around the league. It appears that rookie quarterback's are the new 'it' thing. As the season unfolds, we will just have to see how affective and how intelligent these moves are that seem to be made by coaches in the league.

With what seems to be the most injury plagued pre-season in recent history, these rookies will certainly have a tough task on their hands in terms of production. Many of the powerful weapons around them will not be available. If T.O plays anything like he did in the Seahawks' last game, then Wilson will certainly struggle.

Granted, rookies are drafted high so that they can be put to work immediately, learn the system, get comfortable and then perform. However, it's always a tough task to demand greatness of anyone right off the bat. (Yes, Andrew Luck included

The season is right around the corner, so whoever ends up calling plays in the huddle, it will be entertaining for all to see. I wish the rookies well in their debuts and hope that they put up video game like numbers, for confidence boosters in themselves and for fantasy owners nationwide.