Tennessee Titans’ first-round-pick, Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright felt right for the Titans at pick No. 20 in their draft. Will he be the right pick for fantasy owners in 2012?

Not yet.

Wright comes into the NFL off a 1,663 yard and 14 touchdowns performance in 2011 to close out his four-year career. Over that span Wright amassed 4,004 yards and 30 receiving touchdowns, plus two rushing and passing.

Looks like the right guy for your fantasy team, right?


First, the Titans run a more balanced, under center, offense opposed to Baylor’s more spread ,up-tempo offense meaning presumably less passing and fewer opportunities to catch the ball.

Second, Wright comes to the Titans in the midst of a quarterback battle between veteran Matt Hasselbeck and second-year quarterback Jake Locker. Wright may find it difficult to develop chemistry, like he had with 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, the longer the starting quarterback spot remains up in the air.

Wright’s projected spot in the receiving corps also raises some concerns about his fantasy stock. Assuming Kenny Britt comes back healthy,—an assumption that seems less likely with the selection of Wright—and Nate Washington holds onto the No. 2 spot, Wright slides in as the presumed No. 3. Despite being the No.3 wide receiver, Wright probably won’t even be the third offensive option behind running back Chris Johnson, Britt and most likely, tight end Jared Cook in the Titans’ offense.

The main reason fantasy owners need to stay away from Wright stems from the fact that Wright had no playbook at Baylor. Coaches signaled the routes from the sideline. An NFL playbook has a reputation of extreme complexity. While Wright will surely attack the NFL playbook with the same ferocity with which he attacked college secondaries, it remains a tall order for a player without knowledge of even a college playbook.

In your drafts this year pass on Wright, but he may be a good midseason free agent pick up depending on how the Titans use him and injuries.  Wright proved in college he has the ability to catch, run and pass the football for big plays, a fantasy football owners dream. Unfortunately, the NFL learning curve may get in the way this year.

Kendall may be Mr. Wright, just not “Mr. Right Now.”