Colts owner Jim Irsay’s unannounced decision of his first round pick may have gotten a little easier after Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III declined to meet with the Colts April 3.
Irsay reveled on Twitter that he was playing the field evenly. He reached out to Robert Griffin III agent Ben Dogra to meet, but he said no. It is unclear if Irsay intended to workout with Griffin or simply have a meeting, but it appears Griffins declined with reasoning.
Since college football ended in December and Griffin and Luck declared for the draft, Luck was the favored first round pick for the Colts and Griffin was projected to go to the Redskins after they traded the Rams for their No. 2 pick.
While Colts' team officials attended Luck and Griffin’s Pro Day, the Colts set up a private workout and meeting with Luck but not Griffin. General manager Ryan Grigson said, circumstances did not allow for anything private with Griffin.
Now Griffin is perpetuating the same message back to the Colts.
The decision did not seem to warrant any hard feelings, but more so a realistic choice for Griffin.
If Griffin believed he had a chance of the Colts picking him, Dogra would have advised Griffin to seize the opportunity; however, egos aside, the duo seemed to evaluate the situation realistically and determined they should not meet with the team and move forward with his prior intentions.
In a business where draft prospects have no say where they end up, Griffin has seemingly paved the way for his destiny. Declining to meet with the Colts, Griffin proved his dedication to the Redskin franchise.
He is ready and willing to build the Redskin brand.