Rob Ryan Newly-hired defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, Rob Ryan, was just let go by his former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

With the Cowboys missing the playoffs and one game away from clinching the NFC East, everyone knew that Jerry Jones and staff were going to make some changes and this was just one of them.

Ryan is a great and respected defensive coordinator in the league and many teams would love to have him on their sidelines calling plays.

The Dallas Cowboys put a lot of blame on him for some of their defensive mishaps which wasn’t entirely his fault.

Yes, Ryan had a lot of defensive schemes that players weren’t use to and sometimes were a bit confused on the field. The Cowboys felt that he should of stuck to the basics. Well this cost him his job in Dallas and now it was time for him to pick up the pieces and move on to another team.

Meanwhile, the team that picked him up has a quarterback in Drew Brees -- who is one of the best out there and he’s gone on record and said next season will be so different. With the bounty investigation behind the New Orleans Saints, and coach Sean Payton reinstated, Rob Ryan can join an organization that’s going to win and become a title contender again.

Dallas Cowboys are always considered a favorite coming into the season and they just seem to fall apart in the end and all the blame goes to quarterback Tony Romo or the coach. That’s the way it is in Dallas.

Even with Rob Ryan’s crazy antics on the sideline he brings so much intensity to the team and he wants to win so badly you can see it in his face. Some can’t handle the Ryan brother and some can. The Cowboys seemed that they had enough with him and losing that they said “hit the road”.

Every team Rob Ryan has been on seems that the players love him. He’s such a player’s coach and puts in the hours to build those relationships. Who knows how the season will end with the New Orleans Saints for 2013 season.

But I can tell you that Ryan will have the last laugh and his Saints will be marching right into the playoffs. Something that the Dallas Cowboys seem to be allergic to!