richard shermanRichard Sherman’s deflection to clinch the Seattle Seahawks 2013 NFC Championship wasn’t as paramount compared to the performance he put on after the game concluded. 

Yes, we all know what was said because the kid was hyped up and rightfully so following a very emotional play that sealed the Seahawks' championship. 

But his words were not only received by Michael Crabtree and the defeated 49ers, but the entire league itself.

There is the age old saying that “To be the best, you have to beat the best.”  Now, Crabree is a very talented receiver, but he’s not the best in the game today by any means or stretch of the imagination. 

Sherman went on record and gave notice to the league that he is the best corner in the game. That will certainly be put to the test not only during the upcoming Super Bowl versus the Denver Broncos, but in every matchup he faces over the remainder of his career.

Sherman’s name has been circled by every NFL receiver and coach in the league. Granted, he gave a nice apology speech and tried to make good on it, but he spoke from the heart too. Now, he will certainly have to play at 110 percent of his ability in every matchup from here forth, because opposing teams are going to bring it and make him back up his smack talk and prove that he is indeed the best.

Denver has a very strong rotation of receivers and Sherman will have his hands full making sure he doesn’t end up eating crow with anything less than a solid performance. He gets burned once and he will never hear the end of it from the internet community of fans anticipating a terrible performance. Also, he will have a prime opportunity to back his claim and keep the Broncos' passing game hindered by providing excellent coverage.

Entering next season, every coach and opposing receiver will be out to prove Sherman isn’t the best corner in the game. Sherman had better prepare himself mentally for the can of worms he opened by announcing to the league he is the best corner in the game. Emotions might run high, but when you say you are the best, it’s everyone else’s job to prove you wrong!

Will Sherman be humbled in the Super Bowl and over the course of next season, or will he silence all critics, including myself, by showing the world that he is in fact the best corner in the game?

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