Russell Wilson I can’t recall a closer battle being made for the NFL Rookie of the Year award.

It almost seems unfair for one player to win and the other not to, but so is the nature of the league, only one can be the champion. 

Both Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson had marvelous rookie campaigns this season, and both equally deserve winning the prestigious award. 

Who deserves it more, and which one will be the 2012 Rookie of the Year?

Robert Griffin III put up some very deserving numbers this season, while leading the Washington Redskins to their first playoff appearance since 2007, where ironically they lost to the Seattle Seahawks 35-14. 

Griffin was very vocal in the Redskins winning the NFC East division and earning a wild card berth by completing 258 out of 393 passes for 3,200 yards, 65.6 avg., an 8.1 avg., 20 TDs and only five interceptions. As a dual-threat, he rushed for 815 yards on 120 carries, 6.8 avg., and found the end zone seven times. However he did fumble the ball 12 times.

Russell Wilson had an equally impressive season leading the Seattle Seahawks to their first postseason berth since 2010, where they lost to the Chicago Bears, 35-24, in the Divisional Round.  

Russell Wilson was also very vocal in the Seahawks' success this season. Wilson completed 252 out of 393 passes for 3,118 yards, 64.1 yards per pass, 7.9 avg., 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. 

Also as a dual-threat, Wilson rushed for 489 yards on 94 carries, 5.3 yards per carry, and found the end zone four times. Wilson fumbled the ball 6 times in comparison to RG3.

While the numbers in the air are close, the numbers on the ground are staggeringly in favor of Robert Griffin III. However, the postseason belonged to Robert Wilson. Wilson outperformed Griffin in their much anticipated wild card match-up. Granted, Griffin went down with an injury, but that doesn’t cast a shadow over Wilson’s postseason numbers.

Wilson completed 39 of 62 passes for 572 yards, 62.9 avg., 3 Touchdowns and one interception. He had a huge outing against the Falcons tossing up 385 of those yards in the air. On the ground, Wilson rushed for 127 yards on 15 carries, 8.5 avg., and one touchdown. His performance against the Falcons nearly placed the Seahawks in their first NFC Championship game since 2005.

The voting will be fierce and the debate should be very heated heading into the award ceremonies on February 2nd. Did Wilson accomplish enough in the post season to outbid Robert Griffin III for the Rookie of the Year award? Did Robert Griffin III accomplish more during the regular season to make his claim for Rookie of the Year? 

This season’s voting could, and should be the closest race of all time for the prestigious award. 

Who did you vote for and why? I look forward to the debate and hearing each person’s reasoning or hype for who deserves to win this award outright!