Hey, Rex! Where, oh where have you gone?

I ask this question because in my mind there has been a link between the attitude of Rex Ryan and the way his team, the New York Jets, have been playing lately.

Think about this... The Jets once had a coach that would tell reporters that he guaranteed his team would win a Super Bowl victory. Ryan used to have a swagger in his step as he talked more smack than any other head coach in the NFL. However, as a Jets fan, I loved it. Who cared what the media thought?

I loved every outspoken off beat prediction Rex made about his team. He used to be entertaining to watch with a commanding presence as he spoke to the media. Rex excited the fan base and gave his team an attitude that pumped them up before they took the field. It was a still a circus, but with a bright eyed ring master in total command with an arrogant smug on his face.

I know that the Jets haven't lived up to expectations this season after the new aquisitions and changes this off season. I know that Sanchez is ranked along with rookie quarterbacks and I know that we have more players injured than we do on the practice squad. What I don't know is where the "Smack Talking" leader of their team has gone. The old Ryan would be out there claiming that his boys would win regardless of our injuries.

Jets Nation used to have a leader that held the reigns of his players and kept them focused. The new Rex Ryan has seemed to have fallen in line with the norm. He no longer makes outlandish predictions. In fact, Ryan hasn't been on the offense at all when he steps in front of reporters. He's taken a defensive stance. 

The Jets' performance has coincided with this "new" Rex Ryan. They are playing flat, barely converting 3rd downs. Bring back the old Ryan, attitude, swagger and all. I believe the Jets need their fearless leader back. They need the spark that once was...  Maybe that's why many are longing for Tim Tebow these days. If Rex Ryan won't ignite the fan base and his players someone has to.

Who cares if Ryan makes predictions that are both absurd and out of the ordinary. At least fans had something to look forward to. At least it was fun to be a fan!