Bill Belichick vs. Rex Ryan who is really better?

Ok so I wrote this because I’m getting tired of everyone saying how bad of a coach Rex Ryan is. So I thought who better to compare him to then the best Head Coach in the NFL. I’m going to go over quite a few things  such as regular season wins, playoffs wins, and how both coaches made it to where they are at today. I will only cover the first three years, to be fair to Rex Ryan since he has only coached three years.

First year coaching. Note that both coaches came to teams in need of rebuilding. Both coaches came to the underdog teams in their divisions, and they are looking to earn the fans back.
Rex Ryan: 2009 9-7.
Bill Bilichick: 1991 6-10.
Impact Ryan: Rex Ryan got all the Jets' fans attention after this 9-7 season. Rex Ryan managed to beat the rival Patriots in the regular season. On the way to the AFC Championship game the Jets knocked off the 10-6 Bengals and 13-3 Chargers on the road. Ryan gave the Jets a breath of fresh air posting the No. 1 defense and rushing attack in 2009.

Impact Belichick: The Browns improved upon last season and are starting to earn the fans back.

Second year, both coaches are now familiar with their settings, and eyeing a playoff berth. The head coaches have now got their fans attention from last season. Rex Ryan promises a Super Bowl and Bill Belichick is trying to bring his defense up a playoff-caliber defense.
Rex Ryan: 11-5.
Bill Belichick: 7-9.

Impact Ryan: The Jets' fan base is at an all time high after two straight AFC Championship games. The Jets' defense slides to 3rd in the NFL but Mark Sanchez displayed enough improvement to make up for the slide.

Impact Belichick: The Browns displayed improvement from last year but a playoff berth might be needed to keep this team in Cleveland.

Third year as head coaches. Rex Ryan promised a Super Bowl and if he doesn’t win one the media could turn on him. Bill Belichick is still eyeing his first playoff trip as a head coach, and the fans, and the owner are getting anxious.
Rex Ryan:  8-8.
Bill Belichick: 7-9.

Impact Rex Ryan: The media did a 180 flip on Rex Ryan and ripped him and his team a new one. The media portrayed Rex Ryan as a huge failure despite being only one game shy of a playoff berth. The Jets allowed the defense to slide and couldn’t get a ground game going at all.

Impact Bill Belichick: Belichick made the decision to cut ties with Kosar who went on to win a game for the Cowboys then win a Super Bowl as Aikmans back up. The Browns were in first place in the division when all this took place but they ended up finishing 7-9 and missing the playoffs.
Overall wins vs. losses (counting playoffs)

Rex Ryan: 32-20 Bill Bilichick 20-28
Ryan wins 12 more games than Belichick in his first three years.
Head to head match-ups

Belichick leads Ryan 4-3 in all-time games head coaching.

While Ryan leads Belichick in playoff head-to-head games 1-0.

Playoff record

Rex Ryan four wins and two losses 4-2. Bill Belichick failed to reach the playoffs in his first three season with the Browns.


Belichick made his way to become a head coach as a defensive coordinator. Belichick has shied away from having  good defensive units in recent years, and having some of the worst defenses in the league. Belichick makes up for it with Tom Brady leading his offense to scary amounts of points. Belichick has yet to have an impressive defensive unit since the Spy Gate scandal. Belichick however was able to finally remove the label partially by reaching the Super Bowl a second time but only to fall to the Giants.

Ryan made his way to become a head coach from his time in Baltimore as defensive coordinator. The way Rex Ryan has improved the Jets defense puts away rumors about Ray Lewis carrying him to his position. The Jets have posted the first third and fifth best defenses in the NFL since Ryan arrived. To be fair Ryan has yet to have an offensive weapon like Brady, Moss or Welker or his defensive stats may look different.


Belichick's time with the Patriots is well documented but people tend to forget his time with the Browns. So next time you want to say how bad Rex Ryan look back at the stats. Not every head coach can find a Tom Brady in the 6th round. Rex Ryan is not a bad coach and to say an 8-8 season is a failure is just wrong. Two AFC Championship games with a 20-Interception QB at the helm is great coaching! Ryan is still a new head coach and is bound to make mistakes but he has brought winning ways back to the Jets. Rex Ryan is far from perfect but he shouldn’t be given the tag of a coach who has had no success. Six playoff games in three years, there are teams who haven’t reached the playoffs this century. The media talks about Belichick like he is a genius but he had to start somewhere and he was fired.

PS Pats fans feel free to comment and tell me what you think and why.