The Redskins Giving up one of their 11 plays over 40 yards in 2012.

With an $18 Million Salary Cap Fine to pay, the Redskins are forced to do more with less in the 2013 Draft. What are their areas of need and will they have the luxury to draft the best player on the board? Based on last season’s statistics and observations, here are my absolute areas of weakness that need to be addressed by the Redskins in this year’s NFL Draft:


Priority 1: Safety :

- The Redskins were thrown at 636 times in 2012. That makes their defense the most pass targeted team in all of football.

- They were the 5th worst at giving up the big play: 11 receptions allowed over 40 yards. This is a statistical indication that was easily observed week to week in 2012. 

- On First down passes allowed,(possession style) the Redskins ranked in the middle of the pack at 17th.

- The Redskins had the third most interceptions (21) in the NFL.  

If you look solely at the statistics, the Redskins weren’t terrible in the mid-yardage range of the secondary. Where they clearly struggled was in giving up the deep ball and posing any sort of threat to offenses, evidenced by ranking worst in the NFL at 636 passing attempts against.


Priority 2: Pass Rush:

- Brian Orakpo’s injury clearly affected this statistical category but one injury shouldn’t be the end-all.

- As noted above, teams are less likely to throw the ball if there is a threat either at Safety or within the pass rush. Watching the Redskins in 2012, statistics aside, quarterbacks had an eternity to throw the ball and that was another reason they were targeted the most in the NFL and also why adding some depth to the Redskins’ already thin pass rush is a must.


Priority 3: Linebacker:

- There is a serious need for the Redskins to get a pass defending linebacker (preferably Middle Linebacker to eventually replace an aging London Fletcher). Fletcher’s height at only 5’ 9” is a tight end’s dream on 3rd downs. Teams went right at Fletcher, especially when they had a tall athletic tight end.


Priority 4: Offensive Left Tackle:

- Depth is the biggest concern at this position and throughout the entire offensive line for that matter. Finding zone style blockers will be an absolute priority for Washington.