Ray Lewis avoided murder charges in the year 2000, when he testified against the two guys who were with him the night of the murder. Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens would go on to win the Super Bowl after the 2000 season was over. Lewis won the Super Bowl XXXV MVP award, defensive player of the year, and was picked for NFL's 2000 all-decade team. One thing would not go away, the critics in the media, fans, and others, that  he was a murderer. Negative! Negative! This is what our country loves to bring up, not the fact that Lewis has done a lot in his community. Lewis won the 2006 "Act of Kindness" award for his work in the community, Ray Lewis 52 Foundation that gives economic assistance to disadvantaged youth, and Thanksgiving food drives in Baltimore.

Guilty! Guilty of being irresponsible, staying out past midnight, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. (I'm sure you've never done that) Please! Wake up sports fans and throw some stones at the mirror or your glass house because we judge too much in this country.

Guilty! Ray Lewis is going to finish his great career in another Super Bowl - with more fans digging up that negative topic. This devout christian has overcome his mistakes and has now chosen the right road in life. Why can't we embrace this story and turn it into a win for football and life? This is an athlete that turned his life around after the 2000 incident.

Guilty! Ray Lewis played 17 years in the NFL for the same team instead of looking for more money. . While other athletes cause problems in the locker room, Lewis has kept a positive vibe with teammates.

To Ray Lewis, I hope that you do well in this year's Super Bowl and keep promoting to young kids what it means to deal with adversity. Ray Lewis' play made the difference in 2000, while his motivation drove his teammates to this years' Super Bowl. To the San Francisco 49ers, look out because Ray Ray is coming to play hard in his last game. Niners' coach Jim Harbaugh knows how hard Lewis hits because Harbaugh was the first QB who Lewis sacked in the NFL.

Now, everyone wants to associate Lewis to performance enhancing drugs. Maybe, everybody has a low self esteem problem and need some male enhancing drugs.

Sweetheart's Stuff      

It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. He pleaded to "Obstruction of Justice". It's just like my CSI shows, the one who talks first gets to go home. Which reminds me of Denzel Washington in "Training Day", "You want to go to jail, or you wanna go home?"

Ray Ray went home.


Super Sweetheart