Darren McFadden20. Shonn Greene (Titans) - Greene is now a complementary back but his consecutive 1,000-yard seasons has to give him a top 20 presence.

Although he has been good as a premier back I think he makes the most sense as a complementary.

19. Darren McFadden (Raiders) - There's no question that these past few years have been a travesty for the former first round pick. But, there is also no question that when he is healthy and on the field he is a top 20 running back.

18. Chris Ivory (Jets) - Ivory has been overshadowed in this crowded Saints backfield. Now he has the chance to become the feature back for the Jets where he should be able to total up 1,000+ yards in the upcoming season. Many project a top 10 finish for running backs.

17. Trent Richardson (Browns) - Trent was a muscle back last year. He finished the year while playing with a few cracked ribs. He is 30-35 touches a game type back who seems to love to lower his shoulder and tack on yards. 

16. Steven Jackson (Atlanta) - He fits perfect in this pass balanced offense. He won't have to run 25 times a game anymore but he will be asked to be efficient. Is he up for the challenge; I think so.

15. C.J Spiller (Bills) - Spiller is a one of a kind running back. He makes running up and down the field seem easy and fun. he finished up with 6.0 YPC which was second to only Adrian Peterson, who carried the ball almost 150 times more than Spiller.

14. Stevan Ridley (Patriots) - Ridley has been overlooked in a Patriots offense focused on Gronk, Hernandez, and Brady. But, Ridley was able to tally over 1,200 yards on 290 carries. 

13. Matt Forte (Bears) - It's a shame this kid has tons of talent, but it seems the Bears are afraid to surplus 300 carries with him with the fear of an injury. Forte could be a potential star but if he can't carry more than 25 he will never be. 

12. Reggie Bush (Lions) - In this new offense he will be their second choice. The only thing that might hurt him is that the offensive line is weaker than what he had in Miami. He will be able to catch out of the backfield; but he will need to run the ball well to earn his money.

11. Chris Johnson (Titans) - You can bet that in the first five weeks of the season he will average under 50 yards a game. But it always seems that you look up in January and he has close to or over 1,000 yards. 

Alfred Morris 10. Alfred Morris (Redskins) - Morris had a very good season. Many may argue he should be higher than say Doug Martin.

I think he is not as complete as the other backs. He also still has alot to prove if he can repeat that fantastic season.

9. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars) - Jones-Drew had a tough year. He was never really able to shake his injuries.

I feel despite the injuries he still is a top 10 back, and he can easily jump back into the top 5 with a great season.

8. Jamaal Charles (Chiefs) - Charles is an elusive specimen. If I had to choose one back for one third down play (excluding AP) I might think about picking him because of his ability to break off a 50+ yard run at any moment.

7. Doug Martin (Buccaneers) - Doug Martin maybe might not be a top 10 running back just yet. There is belief he is a more complete running back than Morris. He is a pass catching back who could easily put up 200 plus all-purpose yards a game.

6. LeSean McCoy (Eagles) - McCoy has a new system to battle with and a new offensive lineman (Lane Johnson) to run behind. I believe this 2013 season might be his best yet.

5. Frank Gore (49ers) - Gore is a very underrated back. He quietly has consistent years of 1,500 yards. He can almost score at will from 5 yards and in also.

4. Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) - Many have compared him as a much better version of No. 18, Chris Ivory. He has lethal in-trench moves. 

3. Arian Foster (Texans) - Foster has been a great story speaking from how he was undrafted and where he came from. He has been by all means maybe the best back over the last 3-4 years.

2. Ray Rice (Ravens) - Ray Rice was a major part of that Super Bowl run. He has a new offensive line to run behind and he is ready to go.

1. Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - "AP" -- need I say more. He is a freak of nature and actually seemingly can't be stopped. He finished yards away from the all-time record.